segunda-feira, janeiro 08, 2007


Lost in a world, that scares me to death,
Lost in a crowd, I'm losing my breath.
Lost as a boy, lost as a man,
I need to grow up, don't think I can.

Lost as a person, can't find my way.
Lost in life, every day.
Lost in worry, who am I?
All my life, I've lived a lie.

Lost to kindness, lost to love,
Lost in a sky, like a new-born dove.
Lost in thought, which I shouldn't do,
It winds me up, I can’t get through.

Lost to comfort, all kind words,
Lost to advice, it isn't heard.
Lost to those who really care,
All these people, always there.

Lost in me, I need a break,
Lost in wonder, which road to take?
Lost in a place I don't know well,
Where are you now? There's no one to tell.

Lost here, all alone,
Lost apart from the mobile phone.
Lost still, there are no calls.
I'm struggling alone, to break these walls.

Lost in mind, lost in soul,
Lost memories, they're just a hole.
Lost family, lost mate,
Gone now, yet I'm full of hate.

Lost in a straight world, and I am gay,
Lost now, for what to say,
Lost in boredom, think I'll leave.
There's a lot in life I need to achieve.

by Dan Brown

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Joana disse...

Só para te dizer que adorei o teu post anterior!
Sabes, depois do que li, acho que tou agora no processo de "encontrar-me" (?!) Talvez...
Será que posso ter esperança? a esperança que tu tives-te e acreditar nos meus sonhos?

Sei lá, eles parecem tão pequenos e tão grandes ao pé deste mundo... :S

Beijinho grandes, vou te "linkar" :)

Marta disse...

Não sei, mas se estiveres haverá alguém que te vai encontrar, só pode...

SoNosCredita disse...


GK disse...

Desde cedo que eu acredito que se não acreditarmos nos nossos sonhos não temos nada. É claro que às vezes cansa viver só de sonhos... Mas a luta é sempre tranformá-los em projectos e vê-los crescer...

Bjs a todas.