segunda-feira, março 05, 2012

An actual dirty little secret?

I have two special little talents. I have a particular tendency to attract unconventional characters to my side and in little more than minutes I am able to make anybody tell me their deep darkest sexual secrets. It's not something I try to do. I just listen. And don’t judge.
That is probably why, out of nowhere and in the middle of a bunch of other choices, I ended up talking for an hour and a half with… a fetish photographer.
Yes, a fetish photographer… Who told me all about his social life, his sex life and his… professional life.
I didn't try to find him. I didn’t know who he was. And he wasn’t there to publicize. I didn’t ask that much, but I believe his most repeated words were “I can’t believe I’m telling this to a total stranger”. But he did.
He told me how Portuguese women are the worst dressed in bed right after the German; how his relationship was an open one; how swing clubs are now devitalized by voyeurs; how Lady Gaga democratized soft fetish parties in night clubs; how he uses “Hurricane”, by 30 Seconds To Mars, to explain some "concepts" to his models; how pet-play photos are big in Japan; how the most immoral photograph he ever took was published in Bizarre Magazine and how he is now in a deep vocational crisis because he doesn’t know if he wants to continue doing this kind of work or follow his other passion… politics!!!
I must say I had fun with that conversation. 
I wonder if he'll keep his promise... ;)