terça-feira, março 07, 2006

The Angel

I was walking through the clouds
When an angel looked at me
He said: “Whatcha doin’ here tonight?”
I said: “I don’t know, but I feel free.

Can you tell me how to stand
In my own two feet?
Can you teach me how to breathe
And not having to feel sick?

Can you show me how to be
More than just another one?
Can you look into my eyes
And see more than me on the run?”

He looked at me and smile
As if what I was saying was silly
But after a moment of silence
I think what he felt was pity

Then it was my turn to laugh
‘Cause that angel was really caught
You could see it in his light eyes
That he had also once fought

So I asked him quite simply:
“Why are you here tonight?”
His answer didn’t take too long:
“Because I am through with the fight.”

And so I asked him again:
“You mean you’ve given up?”
He said: ”No, don’t be silly.
In the middle, my life was cut!

You, on the other hand,
Have so much to live for.
Just snap your fingers and go back there
‘Cause there’re a lot of goals to score.”

So I opened my eyes and I was back
Caught up in the same old chords
But another world exists
Using old Black Elk’s words

I guess now I am prepared
Not to get punched down again,
To put my fists up for the fight
Thanks to that angel above the rain.

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