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Answers - Street Art Project

Hello, loves,

I have a suggestion for everyone. Something you can do (or not) alone or with company…

When you lack inspiration on your own, you have to try to inspire others, hopping that your good influence on them, the light we bring them, can end up rubbing off on you somehow…

One day I was in a bar and someone left a book mark on the table that read: “Good thing will happen!” It was enough to make me smile. In the same bar, in a different day, there was a consumption card that read “Many a nickel makes a mickle.” In the back. Another smile. I thought of these sentences as “messages” of hope, more or less seriously… At least, I smiled.

I’ll call my proposal “Answers – Street Art Project”.

My suggestion is that you gather some sentences you consider inspirations and leave them wherever you want. Written by hand. Printed. In posters. Cards. Brought to life. Quotes from writers. Lyrics. Pieces of interviews to someone known. Left in bar tables. Delivered by hand. Glued to lamps. Whatever. As long as they are not unremarkable and have all the details, like the quote, the author and, eventually, where it was taken from.

This is not something to be done and over with, this is a something to be a part of, because it'll never be finished. I even hope it'll transcend what I suggest now and it'll acquire new forms and dimensions and then, yes, finally become Art.

The idea is to bring people to smile and, maybe, even give them the answer they were looking for that day…

I’d like to have a common symbol for this project. Something we all used. I like the idea of the sun and the moon together (dark and light). It has to be simple, so that everyone can print it, sculpt it, draw it in walls or sand… The pic is my rough suggestion. Taking the initials of the title of the project and using the S to make a crescent moon with 8 stars and the P to make the sun with 8 rays (8 = infinity).

As you know, ASAP is not only the initials of the title of the project. Ialso means “As Soon As Possible”. And we all need “light” as soon as possible, don’t we?

Share your thoughts. And join us. (If it grows we’ll open a Facebook page and eventually get a real symbol.)


In Facebook: ASAP

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Pedro Luzograal disse...

Putugal e uma merda 100%...bacaladitos va foder seus mais! PUTUGAL IS A PIECE OF SHIT COUNTRY WITH PIECE OF SHIT DAYDREAMERS LIVING IN THE PAST!!!!