segunda-feira, junho 06, 2011


In a time, in a place
Where I couldn’t see its face
A sorrow started growing.
Hidden, estranged
I went through life, engaged,
Forgotten, without showing.

Often I wondered, in regret,
How could I have come to forget
The girl waving in the mirror?
I searched, I sought, I prayed,
I lost the battle and stayed
Until skies became clearer.

A voice, a note, a feeling,
A rawness, a life, a meaning,
A path of emotions awaken…
I opened my eyes to see
For the first time, to me,
A new song. Unmistaken.

A promise, a cult, a greatness,
A way out of the darkness,
A shot straight through the heart;
A brotherhood of light,
Courage for the fight,
A fraternity made of art.

I left behind the scars,
I’m reaching for the stars,
I’m currently living in Mars.

(Image: Deborah Jones Silver Jewllery)